FRArt La force diagonale. Créer (avec) Hannah Arendt.

1. Annik Leroy and Julie Morel: Biographies

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Teacher at Erg (Ecole de Recherche Graphique - Brussels) until 2017 and at Sint-Lukas Brussel. I made my first 16mm films during my artistic studies at La Cambre in the Photography Workshop. "NBC" (Nucléaire Biologique Chimique) - an anti-nuclear pamphlet that hijacks a military brochure - expresses the haunting and horror of war through derision. Presented at the last experimental festival in Knokke, where I discovered the richness of expanded cinema and experimental cinema in all its forms. "Ekho" seeks to capture the moment of awakening of a woman who survives her suicide attempt. BRT prize awarded by Erik de Kuyper at the Belgian film festival in Namur. I take part in the performances of Philip Marannes' Laboratoire Dur-An-Ki, where I explore the potential of a new medium: video. I work as a set photographer and camerawoman on many shoots (Franz Buyens, Marion Hansel, Samy Szlingerbaum, Eva Houdova, Violaine de Villers....) and as a photographer for the art magazine "La part de l'oeil" published by the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts. The feature film "In der Dämmerstunde BERLIN de l'aube à la nuit" (1981) retraces my solitary wandering through the streets of Berlin, facing the traces of the war and the threat of the wall. Produced by ZDF's "Das kleine Fernsehspiel" and distributed by the Cinemien Amsterdam collective, "BERLIN...  "was shown at the Berlinale Forum and at several festivals. My research on women's cinema resulted in a photo exhibition "Vrouwen en de cinema" for Stichting Cinemien, presented at the Melkweg Amsterdam. The video «  Il fait si bon près de toi  » (CVB production) brings together the destinies of two women from different backgrounds who had their love of music in common. Dietrich Sturm, director of the Goethe Institut Brussels, allows me to create an exhibition on the former German Democratic Republic: "Traces of life, three photographers and the GDR". Willem Degreef and Chris Dercon offered me the opportunity to teach at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel in the experimental and documentary workshop. Later on, I also became a teacher at the ERG (Ecole de Recherches Graphiques - Brussels) in the art department. The feature film "Vers la mer" (production Cobra films, CBA, CFWB 1999) is a crossing of Europe along the Danube. From the source to the delta, the film collects the stories of the people living along the river. «  Vers la mer  » premieres at the Berlinale Forum. Best film award at the Ann Arbor film festival and at the Ecrans documentaires de Gentilly et du Val de Marne and SCAM award in 2001. Lucien Massart of the publishing house "La Part de l'Oeil" publishes the art book "Danube-Hölderlin" which presents my photographs from the shooting of "Vers la mer" and texts dedicated to the poet Hölderlin. The multimedia installation "Isolés, ici" takes up the last sequence of "Vers la mer" and confronts the temporality of an isolated old peasant woman with the timelessness of the river. Exhibited at the Balthazart gallery (Tournai) and Librairie des Quartiers Latins (Brussels). With the contemporary music ensemble QO2, I participate in the series of concert-projections "Muziek in beeld" presented in Belgium and at the Kino Arsenal in Berlin. "Galina Ustvolskaya's 'Grand Duet for cello and piano' is the inspiration for my film «  fffff+ppppp  ». In 2006, I directed the short film "Cellule 719", the first step of a research on Ulrike Meinhof, the film was presented at the Rotterdam Festival and in an exhibition "Fractions lentes" in Brussels, with Marcel Berlanger and Julie Morel. I continue my research on the journalist and terrorist Ulrike Meinhof which leads to the creation of 3 multimedia installations: "MEINHOF.  ". They were exhibited at the Mukha Antwerpen on the initiative of Edwin Carels and then at the Raffinerie du plan K for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. In 2008, I participated in the creation of the installation/performance "Regarding" with Isabelle Dumont and Virginie Thirion, inspired by Susan Sontag's book. The feature film "Tremor.   Es ist immer Krieg" (production Auguste Orts and Cobra films with the support of CFWB, VAF, CBA, VGC, 2017 ) continues my research into the darkest periods of European history in the 20th and 21st centuries through the voices of poets and madmen. «  Tremor  » premieres at the Flagey cinema for the KFDA. Selected for competition at FID Marseille and many international festivals.  Best film award at the Goiânia festival (Brazil). In 2018, "artist in focus" for Courtisane Festival Gent. In 2019, retrospective at the Whitechapel in London. In October 2020 retrospective at Dok Leipzig Festival and Vienna and Lussas in 2021.

Born on 3 March 1976 in Montpellier (France) Education 1994 Baccalaureate diploma in teaching at the 2nd level philosophy-letters-mathematics series (France) 1996 Diploma of general university studies in human and social sciences - philosophy section (Bordeaux 3 University) 2002 Diploma of higher artistic studies (drawing, video/film) (Ecole de Recherche Graphique - islap ERG in Brussels) Professional career 2009 to 2018 Art teacher in a psychiatric environment in Parhélie Since 2019 Teacher of artistic practices (Multidisciplinary workshop BAC1 Art pole) at the Graphic Research School (ERG - Instituts Saint-Luc). Artistic career 2017 Editing of Annik Leroy's film Tremor. Es ist immer Krieg. 2008-2017 Practice of drawing, engraving 2007 Vogelfrei Mural fresco of blue carbon drawings for the exhibition "A room of one's own" at Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin. Les passeurs 16mm installation for the exhibition "The projection project" at Mukha in Antwerp. 2006 L’esquive   16mm black and white and colour video installation for an oval screen and 300 small suspended screens for the group exhibition "QO2 promenade" during the festival "Temps d'images" at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels. Ocelles   16 mm black and white installation for a projector and 300 small screens suspended in a forest for the Ondulations 3 festival in La Roche-qui-boit (Normandy) at the initiative of TransatVideo. Schatten Rosen Schatten (for Ingeborg Bachmann)  16mm black and white installation for 3 projectors and 90 screens, as well as a large format drawing, for the group exhibition "A room of one's own" at the Markten in Brussels. Les passeurs    16mm black and white installation, one projector and 90 screens, presented at the Ecurie in Brussels for the group exhibition "Fractions lentes" with Marcel Berlanger and Annik Leroy 2005 April Fool   16mm colour installation for a projector and 65 screens, presented at the Singel in Antwerp for the group exhibition Dedonderdagen #7. Creation of a drawing for the installation (Psycho)zerreisswolf by Annik Leroy, group exhibition "Gefangenen" in Oudenaarde. 2004  Les tournesols  Super 8 colour silent film, broadcast on Arte in the programme Die Nacht #32 2003  Bocca   16 mm black and white and colour installation, made with a Microproductions grant awarded by A. Pontégnie and presented at the Raffinerie du plan K in Brussels, with the support of Carine Bienfait from Jeunesse et Arts Plastiques. Aujourd'hui Video installation and slides around the film Aujourd'hui for the collective exhibition "Refuge" at the Brasseurs in Liège, initiated by Isabelle deVisscher-Lemaître and Dominique Mathieu. Selection of the film Aujourd'hui at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Médiatine Prize 2003 for the 3 films Having, Aujourd'hui and L. (super8 and video). 2002  Hommage à Robert Walser  Double slide show in collaboration with Geneviève Lenoir presented at Ecurie Bxl Having , Aujourd'hui et L.  3 short films selected at the Courtisane festival in Ghent, the Argos festival in Brussels and the "Portées à l'écran" event in Paris. Concert-projection with the singer Lucy Grauman at the Vénerie, Brussels, in the framework of the collective exhibition "Around the idea of the workshop". 2001  Having Film made in collaboration with Lucy Grauman. White issue  16 mm black and white installation for a projector and 5 screens, presented at L'Escaut in Brussels, for the collective exhibition "Jeunes et innocents", initiated by Marthe Wéry. 2000  Poem For Gertrude Stein  Black and white super8 film shown at the Argos festival. D'un jour à l'autre 3 black and white and colour super 8 projections and exhibition of 72 blue carbon drawings presented at the Bains-connective in Brussels, for the project "Le Négatif / Het Negatief" initiated by the contemporary music ensemble QO2. Poursuivre des oiseaux au vol  Triple projection super8 black and white and colour, made for the programme "Musique en image/Muziek in beeld", initiated by QO2. Music by J. Cage 'Music for...' in a version for two musicians (violin, viola and voice). This concert-projection was presented at the Nova in Brussels, in Waregem, Schotten and at the Berlin Film Archive.