FRArt Copwatching: the war of storytelling

1. biography

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  • ref: DOC.2021.174

Born in Paris in 1986, Maud Girault now lives and works in Brussels.
She started cinema by studying sociology and anthropology, then graduated in 2013 at INSAS in Film Directing. Film essays, poetry films, and hard-hitting films : reality and encounters are central in her work, as in the film essay Aléas (2018), where the director depicts her quest for Alterity. She also focusses on collaboration and collective production and created video workshops to embody that research in the past years, notably with the documentary film Places Nettes, made in 2019 with residents of Saint-Gilles (Brussels) over the neighborhood's gentrification.
Since 2020 Maud continues her work begun with Places Nettes by focusing on police violence.