FRArt Vibes and Leaks goes elastic

1. introduction

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"Vibes and Leaks" is a body of artistic research, which takes a collective pedagogical process as both its focus and application, exploring inflections of the politics of voice in classroom situations. Taking as a basis that power, in classroom settings, is differently distributed through (different) actors articulations, this research moves through embodied critical reflection. We investigate the ways pedagogy affects modes of vocalisation, and the dynamics of the politically situated voice, wishing to loop back towards mirrored, multi-embodied care in classroom dynamics.
Up to now, "Vibes & Leaks" has taken the form of artistic practice that has been happening via embodied workshops over the past three years. Research and preparation has run along four voice vectors: Geopolitical Voice, Aged Voice & Voice without Words, Sexed & Gendered Voice and Embodied Voice. The extensive materials collected over the course of research and delivery of the workshops, exist at the moment in the form of teaching aids, collaborative preparation notes and body-based exercises.
This application hopes to gain the time and situated attention, to push this research further by:
1) Evolving choreographies of moving between media and somatic attention, not usually found in educational settings;
2) Looking into historical / environmental inscriptions on voice by inviting specialists with particularly situated knowledge;
3) Historical / genealogical positioning of pedagogical material and exercises, and the presentation of these lineages; and
4) Moving the workshop materials and processes into transmissible forms.
With the aid of Free/Libre Open Source Software and sets of values, “Vibes & Leaks goes elastic” aims turn the accumulated materials, via theoretical reflection, concentration and critical pedagogy, into elastic and vivid tools which lift and nuance voices, especially in classroom situations.

2. Taste buds under a microscope

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  • Taste buds under a microscope
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