FRArt Intersections of Care

1. Intersections of Care. Launch

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    We would like to invite you to the launch of our research project Intersections of Care, which will take place this Wednesday, December 11 from 6.30 to 8.30 pm at La Bellone (rue de Flandre, 46, 1000 Brussels), followed by a drink.
    Intersections of Care aims at researching and experimenting with displays, understood as material or immaterial dispositifs connecting different elements in space in order to create a discourse or a narrative within an exhibition. We intend to work on those devices that are usually overlooked but which make the link between space, artifacts and humans.
    Our project raises the following questions: What visibility is given to what, to whom? Who is speaking, what are the conditions of speech? Who is seen, who is heard? Who is watching, who is listening? More specifically: how to design a display that integrates, deploys and activates issues of inclusivity, intersectionality and non-binarity, as a means to propose another reading of the artworks and of the exhibition, but also potentially as an alternative way to take position in the world? We will experiment with display as a specific construction of a perspective in the (public) space of the exhibition, but also as a relational device towards certain hybridizations, other ways to produce knowledge and possibilities.
    We also launched an open call for a sub-project Intersections of Care, collecting guidelines and tools for safer and more ethical collaborations within groups, organizations and institutions. Don't hesitate to send it further to your network! Kind regards, Loraine & Florence

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2. Intersections of Care. Call

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