FRArt Painting in light. An artistic exploration of new and uncanny properties of white light through a “quantum” light source

1. Adrien Lucca: biography

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Born in Paris (France). Lives and works in Brussels since 2004.

Since 2009 Lucca has been developing an artistic practice around geometry, color, light, physics and perception. He has developed an in-depth exploration of the interactions between natural and artificial light, the color of pigments and glass for several monumental projects in the public space such as  Soleil de minuit (2017, Montreal), Microkosmos (2018, Brussels), Dentelles de lumière ( 2018, Rome) or Yellow-free zone (2018, Rotterdam).
Parallel to studying the use of light and color in art history, Lucca has studied the contemporary science of color from a number of specialists, which led him to build his own laboratory, in which he makes use of chemistry, spectrometry, electronics and computing for artistic purposes.
Lucca's most recent research aims to enrich, deconstruct and reconstruct the very definition of the concept of “color” and defying our common sense, using a tool allowing it to program the physical composition of the light.

Adrien Lucca studied at the School of Graphic Research in Brussels in Belgium (2004-2009) and was a researcher in the Fine Art department at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht in the Netherlands (2010-2011).
He is professor at the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre and at the School of Graphic Research, in Brussels, Belgium.