FRArt Intersections of Care

1. Loraine Furter. Biographie

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  • ref: DOC.2021.245

Loraine Furter est une travailleuse de l'art transdiciplinaire.
Formée au design graphique, elle développe actuellement des recherches autour de formats de publication hybrides, féministes et intersectionnelles. Elle est chercheuse affiliée à Sint Lucas Antwerp et FrArt-A/R. Ses projets hybrides en collaboration avec le collectif cyberféministe Just for the record ont été montrés à l'ISELP, La Bellone, le Beursschouwburg à Bruxelles; au CNEAI, à la Bibliothèque Kandinsky à Paris, à la Fikra Design Biennial à Sharjah et à Printed Matter à New York.


2. Florence Cheval. Biographie

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Florence Cheval is a Brussels-based writer, which includes practices of writing-with, curating-with, researching-with… Since 2019, she develops with transdisciplinary art worker Loraine Furter Intersections of Care, a research project on feminist modes of display and curating. Intersections of Care was recently shown at Wiels, Brussels. She is actively involved in Messidor, a collective body founded by artists Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat, Pieter Geenen and Meggy Rustamova. Together with curator and researcher Greg Nijs, she is currently setting up a curatorial entity called drama. Between 2017 and 2019 she has been working with artist-run platform Jubilee on Caveat, an artistic research on the ecology of artistic practices. She is studying with poet Ariana Reines.