FRArt Développement de nouvelles techniques contemporaines pour la flûte traversière, grâce à la compréhension acoustique des techniques existantes.introduction

  • type: Article
  • ref: DOC.2021.145
  • Creation date: June 1 2021

The goal of this research is to elaborate new techniques or even new ways of using the flute, due to a comprehension of the functioning acoustic of the flute and its already existing extended techniques (both acoustic or electro-acoustic).

Thanks to the gathered information in acoustic research, and without forgetting the different interviews, the research main purpose will be to elaborate, at least, variations or extensions of the existing techniques and, at best, to develop completely new extended techniques.

Once these techniques will be concretized, four different composers will each create a piece, using the newly found techniques. At the end of the research, the results will be presented during a conference-concert at the Images Sonores festival 2022, but also during a longer presentation at the Royal Conservatory in Liège.

Combining physical science and music, this research could really be a real asset in the domain of artistic research. We don’t always dare to mix these two worlds, but the acoustic comprehension of our instruments or certain phenomena, can easily lead to improvements and effective new solutions.

In this research, the acoustic knowledge will be serving the development of new techniques, so the approach is a bit different. Broadening the flutistic color palette, this research will be of real interest for the flutists, in general, of course, but also for the composers. However, it is not excluded that the results of this research could be transposed to other wind instruments. It could at least inspire research towards other possibilities for other instruments.