FRART 2024. Résults 2024-04-25

FRArt selected 24 artistic research projects.

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CALL FRART 2024 2023-06-28

The FRArt Call 2024 will open mid-December 2023 on e-space.

The relevant documentation is available hereafter:


  • Publication of the call: Tuesday 20th June 2023
  • Closing of file submissions in Higher Schools of Art (ESA): Tuesday 31st October 2023
  • Opening of the call: mid-December 2023 on the web-based application of the F.R.S.-FNRS e-space for the online submission
  • Closing of the call: Thursday 1st February 2024
  • Meeting of the International Artistic Committee: end of March/beginning of April 2024
  • Board of Trustees of the FRArt: end of April 2024
  • Beginning of the PDR-FRArt: between 1st June and 1st December 2024

FRART 2023. Résults 2023-05-04

Selected applications as part of the biennal call of FrArt are as follows: 

Judith ADLER DE OLIVEIRA, Exploiting space as a composition parameter, and transcribing it onto the score : exploring spatialization devices by setting the choir, the musician, the conductor, and the public in motion;

LoupKass, Nour OUTOJANE, Archiving as a Collective and Activist REappropriation Praxis;

Laurie CHARLES, The Illness Narratives - tools for narrative and artistic emancipation;

Cédric DAMBRAIN, Intermodulations: creative perception, towards an art of relationship;

Camille CIRCLUDE et Enza LE GARREC, Post-binary typography: research on the uses, appropriations and pollination of typefaces;

François DE SAINT GEORGES, Chemical stories/Chemical bodies;

Alexia DE VISSCHER, Léonard MABILLE, Alice NÉRON, New clothes of colportage Shadow Libraries: alternative aesthetics of cultural artefacts's organisation, dissemination and production;

Manuel HERMIA, The Rajazz theory : a new system for organizing musical notes. Research trough mathematical axes: combinatorics, geometry via musical mandalas, graphes and polytopes;

Pierre HUYGHEBAERT, Pacôme BÉRU, Sophie BOIRON, Marine DECLÈVE, Pierre MARCHAND, Julie VANDERHAEGHEN, Nina WILLEMS, Rescuing of a sensitive IGN archive: exploring and voicing cartographic practices;

Julie JAROSZEWSKI, Pauline FONSNY, The Belgian national narrative and its backstage : study of the historical and iconological modes of representation of the hunted of Belgium;

Ichraf NASRI, Koujina, Subalterns' Cuisine : an experimental and collaborative artistic research on food, cookery and colonization;

Doriane TIMMERMANS, Declarations

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