FRArt Recherche corsaire. Recherche théâtrale d’après les Écrits Corsaires et les Lettres Luthériennes de Pier Paolo PasoliniCorsair research: biographies

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Ferdinand Despy (1994) studied at ESACT. With Nora Dolmans, he founded Compagnie Irato and created their first performance: Ab Ovo à partir de l’œuf  [“Ab Ovo, or, starting with the egg”]. Reappropriating history through theater has become their main guiding principle. He has also acted in a number of plays and conducted various workshops.

Simon Hardouin (1989) studied at ESACT. In 2017, he began his first project, titled Je suis homme et rien de ce qui est humain ne m’est étranger [“I am a man, and nothing is foreign to me”], which deals with the war in Algeria and colonization. Since then he has explored his need to work on major problems by blending documentary and fiction.

Justine Lequette (1985) studied at ESACT. She created J’abandonne une partie de moi que j’adapte [“I abandon a part of me that I am adapting”], which deals with the porous boundary between documentary theater and fiction, politics, and poetry. Together with Rémi Faure, she directs Group NABLA. Her work explores the various forms that the collective dimension can occupy in the creative process.

Eva Zingaro-Meyer (1993) studied at ESACT. On stage, she has been directed by Solange Oswald, Mathias Simons, Isabelle Gyselinx, Birsen Gulsü, and Frédérique Lecomte on stage, and by the Dardenne brothers on film. She is conducting research on Pier Paolo Pasolini, in which she is exploring the process of collective creation.