FRArt The Illness Narratives - tools for narrative and artistic emancipation Laurie Charles: biography

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  • ref: DOC.2023.83
  • Creation date: November 1 2023

Laurie Charles (b. 1987, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels.Laurie Charles is a visual and textual storyteller, she writes and paints speculative narratives on large canvases. She demonstrates a holistic approach to her work, consolidating and collapsing multiple fields to allow her to engage with a variety of ideas, disciplines, publics, techniques across her productions. Drawing deeply from her own personal experience with an autoimmune disease, Charles creates large-scale fabric pieces and soft furnishings that respond to ideas around the body through a macro lens. She undertakes to rewrite an alternative history of medicine to the one which has been engraved, where care, cycles, ecological disaster, and healing take precedence. She thinks of embodiment, fictional and non-human bodies, empathy and visualisation. She creates multiple objects that act as images in the traditional sense, but also as thresholds (curtains), as bodily comforts (cushions), and as stage props for storytelling in an exhibition scenario. Charles’ way of working is inextricably tied to her ways of living, as such the personal is always also political.
Among other venues, her work has been exhibited at Art Brussels - Brussels, Salon de Montrouge - Montrouge, Terzo Fronte – Roma, Wiels – Brussels, Efremidis Gallery in Berlin, Grazer Kunstverein – Graz, CIAP Kunstverein – Hasselt, 1646 – project space for contemporary art – The Hague, Nanjing International Art Festival – Nanjing, Beursschouwburg – Brussels, Komplot – Brussels, and Le Commissariat – Paris.