FRArt Copwatching: the war of storytelling

1. introduction

  • type: Article
  • ref: DOC.2021.173
  • Date begin: October 1 2021

Copwatching: the war of storytelling. Contribution to direct and cooperative representation.
In the age of smartphones and internets, focus on copwatching: aesthetic, political and ethical issues in the storytelling war

In the age of smartphones and the Internets, anyone can produce and broadcast images: representation is no longer the prerogative of political, media or artistic elites. Among these images, we will focus on those of copwatching, videos monitoring police activity, filmed to prevent or denounce police brutality. These images have a clear impact; they recently drew the public's attention on police brutality issues, and are therefore at stake in the storytelling war. This project seeks to contribute to cooperative representation by analyzing the artistic, ethical and political stakes of this storytelling war. The research approach consists in crossing different collaborators’ points of views (academics, artists, activists) and to articulate periods of theoretical (readings, analyses and meetings) and practical research (writing and video experiments) with moments of exchange and public restitution (online publications, workshops, round table, video installations).