FRArt Clearing up the mist : digital practices in overcast conditions

1. Clearing up the mist : introduction

  • type: Article
  • ref: DOC.2021.275
  • Date begin: November 1 2021

Clearing up the mist seeks to capture what the "cloud" obscures or conceals in order to imagine new forms. An attempt to bring it all back, from heaven to earth. Through a dialogue between people with different backgrounds and experiences: artists, critics, developers and activists. Through speculative words and gestures, poetic proposals. Dialoguing with the geography and the materiality of the infrastructures. Dialoguing with those men and women who, in charge of tasks that the machines cannot do, are busy sweeping the dust from the corners.
Finally, dialoguing with what metaphors, naratives and digital interfaces provoke on our relationship to the digital golem that is the cloud. Then it's time to expose some of these stories, insights and experiences. To make public, in the space of an exhibition and an edition.