Intermodulations: creative perception, towards an art of relationship

1. Introduction

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  • Creation date: November 1 2023
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This research consists in the exploration of technical, aesthetic and conceptual means to create multidisciplinary installations that place the visitor's perception at the heart of an artistic proposition. When the perception of a work varies according to the position or the movement of the person observing it, or when this person is presented with a disturbing phenomenon that they cannot describe or interpret, their own perception becomes the focus of their attention. The work is no longer a finished object that the audience sees from the outside, but rather an open system of which they are an integral part. This approach forms the keystone of my project. It will unfold through the search for interdependencies between sonic, visual and spatial elements as well as the exploration of perceptual paradox and confusion. Although my work is rooted in sound, it is now open to new aesthetic challenges and practices. The practical exploration of these disciplines is envisioned in four areas: psychoacoustics and composition strategies, sound diffusion techniques, materials and plastic elements, and finally color and light. I also wish to broaden my approach to installation and discover ways of conceiving it in the context of larger social systems (the city, communities, virtual spaces). This research aims to instill in our culture the idea that perception, which is a form of awareness, is also a selective and distorting activity - a form of ignorance. I believe that there is a social and cultural stake in revealing both the content of our perception and the dynamic, less apparent structures that govern it.

2. Cédric Dambrain: biography

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  • portrait de Cédric Dambrain
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Cédric Dambrain (a.k.a Porz An Park, Bambi OFS) is an electronic composer and musician
living and working in Brussels. His approach to sound is primarily based on the exploration
of perceptual thresholds and the physiological impact of sound phenomena.

His career in the realm of written music started with the creation of a language that
confronts traditional instruments with live electronics. His compositions have been
interpreted by various performers and by the Ictus ensemble, with which he has regularly
collaborated since 2004, and have been performed at contemporary music festivals such as
Wien Modern, Musica Strasbourg, Ars Musica, or Maerzmusik.

In 2011, seeking to confront his language with other forms of expression and collaboration,
Cédric Dambrain initiated an experimental metal project with the electric guitar quartet
Zwerm and drummer Jeroen Stevens, before dedicating himself fully to electronic music in

His debut album, Subjective Slave, was released in 2013 and was followed by the vinyl album
Abandon Tracks in 2014 on the Sound By Visual label, as a result of his collaboration with
the painter Stephan Balleux. During this period, he became interested in a
phenomenological approach to the connection between sound, space, and perception. In late
2014, he was admitted to the prestigious Akademie Schloss Solitude for a three-month
residency during which he created the sound installation Ee Duct Con v.2, which was
presented at the TheaterHaus in Stuttgart in 2015. In 2017, the City of Brussels
commissioned him to present a new live installation at the City Hall.

Dambrain also designed the Falcon, a performance interface with vibrotactile feedback. He
has used this instrument since 2015 while developing an authentically physical approach to
electronic music. He performed in Brussels, Geneva, Berlin, Stuttgart, Lausanne, Zürich, and

Dambrain has scored numerous works for dance and musical theatre. He has also co-written
soundtracks with Terre Thaemlitz and Antoine Chessex.

Since 2019, he has been working on Bambi OFS – club-oriented project based on complex
polyrhythms. In 2020 and 2021, he released two critically acclaimed EPs, Yakka and Kwon-9.
Porz An Park is the moniker he uses to produce a body of work that hovers between the
notions of out-of-language experience, inclusion, and psychoacoustics. His production
currently revolves around the reflection and diffraction of synthetic sound sources.

3. Out Here

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  • Cédric Dambrain, Out Here, 2021, monophonic electroacoustic sound,
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4. Incidence of You

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  • Cédric Dambrain, Incidence of You, 2021, electroacoustic sound, directional speakers, aluminium sheets, acrylic, variable dimensions ; crédit photo : Luk Vander Plaetse
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5. Incidence of You

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  • Cédric Dambrain, Incidence of You, electroacoustic sound, directional speakers, aluminium sheets, acrylic, variable dimensions, 2021 ; crédit photo : Luk Vander Plaetse
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