FRArt The animal who i am (following), performance art & animals

1. the animal who I am (following). introduction

  • type: Article
  • ref: DOC.2021.254
  • Date begin: September 1 2019
  • Date end: December 31 2021

the animal who i am (following) questions the creation with, by or for other animals within performance art. This research questions the very place of the performance, the act of creation, its spaces and temporalities, including the Internet, the authorat, the technological and processual modalities of communication and creation with animals, the conditions of a sharing with an audience. In order to bring out possibilities and refine speculations, the ethical and aesthetic explorations of this proposal take root in the writings and interventions of thinkers of performance art and animal sciences while being enriched by the practice of doers, artists, technicians, ethologists. The specificity of this cross-species research also requires a series of technological and performative experiments. Thus will be convened: animals, ethologists, trainers, European research groups of interspecies communication and creation, a practitioner of hypnosis, performers, machines, a hacker, Internet spaces, spaces with a strong animal dominance, famous cats on the Internet.

direction: lucille calmel
research assistant: clyde lepage
production assistant: louise charlier et valentine siboni

other artists, students, practioners & thinkers, satellites : agnès rosse, alexane sanchez, amélie laplanche, annick bureaud, damien petitot, gaëtan rusquet, géraldine py et roberto verde, gwendoline robin, gwenola wagon, jean lesca, léa le bricomte, lucile haute, macklin kowal, marie lisel, mélanie godin, michela sacchetto, renaud giuliano, sébastien biset, yann basset, and more to come in autumn 2021

other partners: festival international de performance Trouble, iMAL, Maison Amazone, Mothership asbl, revue universitaire Formules, Saloon network, Sub rosa space, VIZ laboratory for Visual Culture...

2. l’animal que donc je suis

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3. l’animal que donc je suis

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    10 juillet 2021
    Journée "1+1=interespèces" organisée par Lucille Calmel dans le cadre de sa recherche "l’animal que donc je suis" soutenue par le FrArt-Fonds national de la Recherche en Art, en collaboration avec l'ESA Le 75, l'ENSAV La Cambre, l'ESA ERG, Amazone et le Festival international de performance Trouble.
    Performance d'Alexane Sanchez & Walter.
    Photo: Colin Delfosse

  • performance, Alexane Sanchez & Walter
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4. Clyde Lepage, Animal Selfies.

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  • Clyde Lepage, Animal Selfies.
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