FRArt La force diagonale. Créer (avec) Hannah Arendt.

1. introduction

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How to make an artistic gesture with Hannah Arendt?
It is with this question that we will approach the life and work of the political scientist, philosopher and poet. The vital force of thought, revealed by her as a source of creation and change, will give direction to our research. For us, searching means reading, listening, watching, meeting those who think and create with Hannah Arendt and on the way, choosing, extracting, harvesting every fragment, every detail that could become a material for future creations. For Arendt, the intertwining of life and thought is rooted in the experience of her confrontation with Nazism as a Jewish intellectual woman and her forced exile in the United States. Not giving in on her freedom of thought was both the motor of her existence and the heart of her political thought. This is why our research has two sides: the construction of Arendt's "character" and the political reflection. On the one hand, we will look for ways to give substance to Hannah Arendt, to her unique and singular way of being in the world. We will attempt to create her "character" from fragments of reality, without resorting to the traditional codes of biographical narrative. On the other hand, we will look for ways to transmit, through artistic means, concrete fragments of her thought, such as meteorites that cross time and enlighten us. We will meet her readers to question ourselves together on the future of the world. And with her, we will try to bring out something new.


2. La force diagonale. Créer (avec) Hannah Arendt

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  • La force diagonale. Créer (avec) Hannah Arendt
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